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SpN 11X12, version babble

I still get a kick out of posting 11X--it's still to me incredible that we made it this far! And we're doing great!

Wednesday's ep...I admit I was eyerolly and sighing "Oh, great, Cas' wooden kid and the annoying vamp bait again. Wonderful." I was pleased to see Jody--I like her a lot. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I hope Show will let Nancy Won write all stories that involve teenage girls. Turns out that Cas' kid and VampBait are much, much more interesting when they're written like humans and not cardboard cutouts stamped "Angsty Girl, Teenage". This young actress is seems to be wanting to make a spot for herself on the show--she seems to have jumped on the SpN Family bandwagon. I'm not especially opposed to her now--she really did do a good job last ep, and was able to show that yes, there was something going on there besides rebellious teen with daddy issues. She's also not suffering from the Supernatural Hooker makeup that the show seems to love. These makeup people make some startling choices, face-wise. Was it last season, or the one before, where Jensen/Dean very distractingly (in a bad way) wore lip gloss quite a bit?

So, yeah, Claire was actually sympathetic in a way she hadn't been to me before. I could see why she was throwing herself into the life and making huge mistakes because she wouldn't unbend enough to ask for help--maybe even forgot how to ask for help. I'm glad she bonded with Jody. The scenes featuring Dean and her were a little softer (Dean-softer) and Sam was good with her--much better at the Talks than Dean. I was glad to see it, the way he talked to her felt real. I confess, I haven't bought any of Sam's special talks since the ep where he lied to the ghost boy. It shook me so much because I'd always seen Sam as the more compassionate brother, the one better able to deal with average people and the most honest bother. Boy, season 4 left me with a lot of fallout so far as Sam's character, stuff I'm still dealing with. Let me also say that I've come to admire and appreciate Sam so much more, because of everything he's been through and overcome. He's so brave. And very handsome, the years have been good to him…yesss….

I'm watching these eps and worrying more and more—this is SpN, they give with one hand and take with the other. The boys are getting along better and better, and I'm not sure if anyone agrees with this, but it's mostly because of Sam. In my opinion, Sam made a conscious choice to make the brotherhood what it once was. He knows how much Dean needs that, and I think he's accepting it finally. Again, this is just my opinion, or head canon, or whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, the point (there is a point?) of this blabbling is The Girls Are Alright, and if this is a sneaky, 'round about way to get to a spin-off, more power to them. They'd do good in my books by making Jody the headmistress of the WOL Hunters Boarding School. just sayin'.
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