roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

good night, my li'l bunnies!

Had a great weekend after all! Worked, like, *productively* worked, on Public Enemies. I decided not to fight the time-traveling, sideways dimension Sam that wanted to visit. I know, right???? I love doing that though, sorry! I like adding people from out of nowhere because it's fun! I'm forgetting all the time to have fun nowadays when I write. Hell, the last time I wrote a story strictly for me was Letting The Days Go By. I'm always afraid someone is going to call me on my logic, or lack of it. You know what? This is not a test. Screw 'em if they don't like having multiple versions of the same character in one story! Who needs to explain! Here's my explanation--"I wanted to." So there! *kicks up her heels and dances off* Well, I would if I wasn't terribly overweight and hideously out of shape. Let's pretend I did!

Spent all day being assistant to Chef R. He made wonderful food; he grilled ribs and shrimp, made deviled eggs and some kind of spicy dip, we had fruit salad and all kinds cheese and crackers for much good, good food! But only one person showed up! Family stuff ended up keeping our friends from showing. I felt bad for Mr. R, because he was looking forward to it. (You can imagine how I felt about it.) So I ate as much food as I could so he wouldn't feel worse, and then watched the entire damn marathon, and right now as I type, I've got ep 11X11 playing in the background...damn, I'm a little scared, I feel so damn good. It was one hell of a great weekend. ;D

Good night, babies! ♥
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