roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

some stuff I got for Christmas...

I got a ton of great stuff for Christmas--I always do--but I meant to share this with you! I post pics of the stuff I get because you guys are the only ones who'll say, "Oh, damn, girl, that's so fuckin' cool!" :D :D

And you know folks in RL, they just roll their eyes and look at me sorta fond/amused/exasperated/confused and say. "Un-hunh."

This is what BG made for me after I showed her sillie82's crochet Dean and Sam and actin like a sixty year old baby doing a bit of moderate whining about what a lovely X-mas pressie it would make.

And then, the Niece got me this:


They are too good to me! There was a funko Spike, and a Crowley, and a Minion SpN t-shirt, and lots of fandom stuff because my family knows me. :D

Tags: rl
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