roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

SpN 11x13 blathering feels

So, even though this team is the least liked team, they did a good job. It's scaring me, how on board and in line the Winchester brothers are. Plus, I swear to god, I thought they were working up to a brother's kiss--I was all, omg, NAH!! They can't/won't do that! Loved it--I'm certain only wincesters felt that way, but dude!! :D

Also, there was a cutaway scene, where we see the MOW in shadow and I thought, "....Sam...oh ferfuck's sake, what is wrong with me?" LOL! I had fun in my mind this ep.

Sam is AWESOME!!!! SO fucking AWESOME this season! Please let him continue to be so! I mean, boy howdy, the protective!Sam lovers must be going nuts. He's just so dedicated to trying his best to keep Dean safe. And it's cool that Dean seems willing to let him. Dean's trying, he's being more open than we've seen him be in a while--or maybe not so much with being open, but willing to share info *before* they're practically on the lip of the abyss.

Oh--oh, and they murder a classic Winchester bit and they do it in such a delightful way--Jensen, you're a genius and one hell of an actor!♥
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