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in regards to my current hobby...

Are other fandoms as caught up in speculation about the 'private' lives of its stars?

I don't remember coming across anything quite like this in my other fandoms, not seriously anyway, not like this absolute, rock-bed belief. It's kind of overwhelming, actually. Maybe I just didn't find it in BtVS or Smallville. Then again, I don't recall anyone seeming to be as close as these guys are...except maybe Christian Kane and David Boreanez. They used to talk about each other a *lot*, like, fall all over each other, but unless you were in Buffy or Angel fandom, you probably don't know that.

This whole thing--it's a cross between entertaining, grossly addictive, and somewhat frightening. Then when you find yourself poking at every little tweet and pic for proof...well, it's probably time to stop, like seriously, stop. But, I'm old and knitting is boring and watercolor classes are full....

Say, this isn't one of those code of silence kind of things, is it?
Tags: tin hat
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