roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Goodness...all that blahblah and a bag of fries.

I watched Jared's McD commercial because folks are fluttering around, clucking and clutching their pearls behind it. I had to see what he was doing--bathing in a tub of butter and bacon grease wearing a flapjack toga?

I thought it was cute. His kids are cute as hell, and it gave me a chance to be nosy and check out his digs--you know Yer Mother is a huge nosy parker. They really do have wonderful taste in decorators! As for the people calling him out for eating McDonalds, omg, shut the fuck up, you fucking nutrition police. Do you see that man? He fucking needs to be eating those McD breakfasts three times a day, lord. He could stand having one of their big macs wrapped in a pancake, tied up with a couple of strips of bacon. Why so mad? What, is he supposed to be a role model to you and your kids? I've got a novel idea, shut the fuck up and role model your damn kids yourself. And while you're all worrying about their health and shit, do something about their crappy-ass manners and their fucking sense of entitlement.

Jared only has to answer to himself and his family, not you or yours. And of course he's doing it for the money, hell yeah, he is, he's not stupid. *And* it's a good idea to spread the mug around--SpN is not gonna last forever, and Hollywood is fickle as hell. He might never work again--it happens. He might get lucky and land another show that runs for years (you couldn't have told me David Boreanez would ever be on my TV again after Angel). Whatever, he's got a wife and two kids to raise and college is expensive yo.

Lighten up, World. Life is short and your dumb shit is irritating me.
Tags: crabby me, shutupomg
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