roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

SpN 11X14

Oh my god, perfect opening! Edith Piaf, No Regrets--love it!!

I think the reason I'm enjoying this season so much is because it's plain to see they like each other again. They trust each other again, and that's the way we like it. I hope there are no further conflicts between them--no, what I mean is that I hope they keep taking care to show how much the brothers care for and *like* each other, and love each other because they do, not because they have to. Every season has had wonderful moments, beautiful episodes, but this season has what much of the previous seasons have lacked, an ease between the brothers. I hope that Carver has finally realized that *this* is what we want. We know their relationship is completely codependent, but most of us don't care. Growth is fine, we don't want them outgrowing each other. Because once they mature, heal, and outgrow the need to be shoulder to shoulder twenty-four seven, what have we got? Supernatural, a story about two brothers who get along pretty good, and hunt monsters whenever it's convenient for them to get together. Naaaaah, not good enough for me!

Tags: spn
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