roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

more fun!

I like poking around on-line, seeing what I come up with. Sometimes I regret it immensely, and sometimes I find something really fun! Like this site, Dress Like Jared Padalecki. I'm serious! This is a really fun site, appealing to nosy parkers like me! I'm sitting somewhat in the middle between really nosy and stalkerish so you can imagine this is like a gold mine to me. :D

It's fascinating because you get an idea of what's normal for these guys, in terms of pelf spit out for clothes and stuff--and it's not at my level of affordability. Though, considering what these guys make, it's very modest on the whole. Except for his toys, of course--boys and their toys. I like this site, because it makes me like Jared even more. Our he's grown. *sniff-sniff*

When, oh when, will someone do an exclusive look into their closet? (their clothes closet, of course.)Just sayin'...

Oh, and don't worry about inviting me into your home, I promise I don't even look in folks' medicine cabinets, let alone non-public rooms. Of course, if you're famous and shit, then all bets are off--I'll be rooting through your private stuff like it's truffles.
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