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Using this icon because I forgot to use them this Easter

Holy fuck, I am so blocked. Nothing is coming through at ALL!! No, no--stuff gets written in my head but it won't come out. I sit at the keyboard, stare at the screen and it just seems like too much trouble to type. I'm really sorry about it too, because I *love* the Jared I'm trying to write, and I love their families....I'm not too crazy about Jensen though. Just like PE, I'm really very happy with the characters and where I want to go, and the ending is just so right but I don't feel like typing it. This has been going on for, what, two months?

Maybe I'm done???????

I don't like that idea, but it happens to people. I remember in SV, when I was sure I'd never write again, and then wrote this long-ass story that I really loved...ach, who knows? I give myself until the end of April and if nothing works loose by then, I should probably drop out of the BB. *sigh* If I really think I can't get any of my other WIPs done, I promise I'll tell everyone how they end because I do know how they end. I think the writer owes folks following a story that much, right? Why leave folks guessing if you know how it's meant to end?

Excuse me, I need to ooze out of my chair and flop all over the living room and whine really, really loud before I crawl up the stairs to bed. *SIGH*

God, everyone should have my problems, right?
Tags: a little whine anyone, shutupomg
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