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spn 11X17

I need to babble about this ep, and for once, I'm going to babble and actually post it.

First, can I say something that's been bugging me about viewers for a while? I may be wrong, because it's been pointed out to me many times that I see things in a WTF kind of way--at least the furrowed brows and that drop-jawed look I occasionally get when I say something I think is perfectly reasonable leads me to believe this--but the end of the ep? when Sam gets in the car and Dean asks if he's okay after being gut shot and Sam plays it off--nothing that a couple of days of bed rest won't cure? They KNOW it would take...oh, probably months. That line was them telling us they know that. They do that all the time, the wink, the "we know" lines, but some folks are literal as fuck. I figured that everyone got what they were getting at—after all, they've done it since forever. Supernatural the Show, does not take itself as seriously as Supernatural the fan base.

Okay--it's been a crappy couple of weeks and I'm kind of crabby. Hooosa—let that shit go.

its little me!

This ep, omigawd, this ep. Sam fucking Winchester was amazing, like--incredible!! What he did, how he did it. Man, what a hero! I legit screamed, sweated, and was aghast when that bastard 'killed' Sam. I couldn't believe it! That scene made my heart flip. And you know what? I didn't feel sorry for that fucker for one second. He killed Sam! He deserved to die! Anyone who hurts Sam deserves the worst. (Shut up about Jake, that was different)

Wasn't Sam something? Man, that face when he came back up from the basement after icing the werewolves--he was PISSED the fuck off! Just like Dean has *always* said, don't underestimate my little brother. Dean knows. *nods*

It's wonderful to see them like this, nerve-wracking as the ep was. They are walking in the same steps that they walked in season 1, but different of course, because they are fully grown men now, and even normal life changes you, but the love, and the trust, seems to be solidly back. They're in sync again, they're at normal, family levels of lying to each other (what? you don't lie to family?) They'll always be Winchesters on the emotional level but it's so nice to see Sam acting like Sam, and Dean acting like Dean.

I'm happy with this ep, and I think I can safely read reactions to it, because I bet most folks are happy with it too. And boy, Sam girls must be losing their minds--their boy getting to show just what a BAMF he is. Damn. I was impressed! Am I wrong in thinking it's about time? I feel like Sam's been mostly reacting to things for a long time. And the best part of it was that we didn't have to take anything from one of the brothers to make the other one look good, just saying.

Finally, Dean will never, ever stop sacrificing himself for Sam. Sam will never like that, so I think it was fine that Dean didn't tell him. Pick your battles, lol! Besides, Sam knows the man did something stupid—he's no dummy. ;D
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