roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Dear Thomas,

Do you ever get tired of showing up in my SpN RPS? I guess you being in it makes it CW RPS, sort of...I can't help it. I love you, and whenever I can, I will shovel you and Michael any place you'll fit into a story. Thank you, the both of you, for being such hot little black dresses.

Tom welling BTQqu_5IAAAZT9j_zps928c2edb

So sexy! Though in the story, you probably look like this:


Love, Roxy ♥

Okay, I'm going to work on...THREEE stories!! Three! All at once!! Or else I'm gonna ignore all three at once and read some classic SpN from way back in the day. Or make coffee and watch TV. Orrrrrrr look around in the cabinets and stuff and see if I can find any forgotten Easter candy. Pluck my eyebrow...floss...sort my socks....

The world is my bivalve!
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