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Last night's ep....

Behind this cut are ranting and extreme displeasure.

I was incredibly disappointed, *incredibly* disappointed. What was that?? Dear my friends, you *know* I'm ride or die when it comes to SpN. I've found something I love about every single ep, well, except that steaming pile of Bloodlines, and even then, I thought in good hands, it would have had potential. But that ep last night...I'm furious. I haven't rewatched yet so I might be missing things, but what the fuck was that shit with Lucifer? I'm fucking willing to believe that they could work with Rowena, I'm fucking ready to believe that they can work with Crowley. But Lucifer? He never did anything even halfway beneficial for them. He tortured and, we're lead to infer, raped Sam for eons. There should be NO cute scenes. NONE. They ruin Lucifer's established character, they ruin the EXCELLLENT FUCKING WORK Jared produced at the midpoint of the season...the fucking Mark of Caine? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?

They belittled and reduced every bit of this season. Granted when Amara showed up, it got scary, and nerve wracking, but I think I was afraid of the wrong thing. I worried that Dean was going to throw in with the Darkness and Sam was going to be lost in a pointless, pointless, POINTLESS gesture of sacrifice.

There were some good points, some *great* points here and there, But they were great almost in spite of the rest of that crapfest. Jensen and Jared worked it hard, really hard, trying to bring something out of this thing. Good job, guys. Not your fault.

So, I'm sorry, on the whole I didn't love this ep, but like I said, none of it had to do with Sam or Dean or Jensen or Jared. Later, I'll point out some parts that I thought they rocked the hell out of. But right now, I'm mad. I feel like Show blew raspberries in our faces. Please, anyone who read this and *liked* that ep, let me know what I missed. I may have been putting to much pressure on this poor, innocent episode.
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