roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Guess what, you guys?

It's vacation time--no, no, better than that--it's *staycation* time, time to wrap my BB in its little shawl and kick it out the door! And I'm gonna read. I'm gonna guzzle coffee. I might go to the mall and wolfwhistle baby boys--scar them for life. Heck yeah, I'm a giver. I'm going to the bakery and buying all the pastries. Gonna sit on the porch and eat them and write barista Jensen and lonely-boy Jared in my mind. Scare the neighbors. Annoy the dog. Oh my god, and do some drawing, hokey smokes, forgot all about that!

I'm feeling good! Kiss my hindparts, Red Bulls-eye Satan--I'm out of you for a whole week!
Tags: dear my friends, ramblin' rose
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