roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


Working on my BB, well, thinking about it anyway. I still like it, lol!

omg, speaking of still like it, I reread part two of Lodi (in the unlikely event some of you don't know that fic) recently because I got such a nice comment on it--what??? I do that sometimes! Goddamn, that story is *good*!!! It's really good, with a really great I wish I could write something like that again. It's got me all wanting to go back to Lodi 'verse.

I'm working on my art challenge, the spn_heatwave challenge. I'm having fun and it's actually coming along pretty good. It's all cute and innocent, and now I kind of want to do a naughty one too....

Okay! Back to shoehorning some sex into my story! I finally figured out how, and why, and where. It really did need that porn. Ha! I say porn, when it's the most vanilla, non-graphic sex ever. I'm so shy, you know. *blushes maidenly-like*
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