roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Help me, flist!

Heh. flist....

So you guys, am I imagining this, or was there a story where Jensen and Jared were together, like, long-time together with kids, and Jared had a drinking problem (or maybe it was Jared panicking and cheating on Jensen) and did some really awful things, until Jensen snapped and took the kids and left. Not forever, I'm sure it had a happy ending because that's basically how I roll. If I recall correctly, it's not a Jared-bashing story because I don't do those either, no bashing either boy ever. Jared was just a terribly confused, screwed-up guy who needed help.

If it exists, it's old--like maybe really early seasons? I might be pasting a couple of stories together in my head, I do that. But I know I have people here who have been around a good bit and read a lot, so figured I'd ask here first.

Man, if this is not a story, someone needs to write it for me. :D
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