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Celebrating the fourth today instead of tomorrow. Little does my family know, but tomorrow, I plan to spend the entire day reading SpN BB and meanttobe. God help anyone who tries to get in between me and my laptop. I'm also going to, sweartagod, finish my BB.

If I look exceptionally spiffy with lovely and plentiful icons, it's all due to iibnf. For the next twelve months, I will be ad-free, gorgeous, and just slightly saucy. *winks and shimmies*

I haven't wished folks a happy birthday in a while. not because I'm ignoring ya'll, or don't care, it's because it's depressing me. Every day, there's an announcement in my inbox of the birthday of another friend who's wandered away from LJ, never to return. Some of these make me slightly nostalgic and some of these break my fucking heart. So, going forward, like, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I'm going to start acknowledging ya'll's birthdays again. Because I love you, and I want you to know I think of you often. But not tonight.

So, totes off topic, has anyone done a J2 version of Big Hero 6? Also, after I wiped my copious tears away at the end of The Good Dinosaur, I thought, "Gosh, that would make a heck of a J2."

Man, what the hell is it with me and constantly wanting to debase childhood memories? Brave Little toaster, anyone? ;D
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