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Dear my friends

How's it going? Haven't been here for a couple of days. Went to the shore. Or down the shore, however people who like the place say it. I hate the fucking beach. I hate the sand, the moisture, the way everything stays wet all the damn time, I hate the smell of the fact, the only time I like the ocean is in fanfic or moonlight walks, just me and him, all alone, and even then they better be short and end in sex. Definitely NOT on the beach.

I stayed in our hotel room. (don't even get me started about the hotel--fucking Overlook Hotel of the Sea) and read. I enjoyed some excellent fanfic, read Cri de Cœur, which I enjoyed very much, started Home Is Where You are, and I'm enjoying that too.

There was a BBQ fest setting up while we were there, and Mr R loves his ribs, so we wandered around. Bought peach-flavored bbq sauce, which sounds gross, but it's very tasty. I think it'll go great on chicken and salmon. Looking forward to him making me some. ;D

The reason we went to the shore was my niece's desire to tan and get sandy. It was great to have her home, but we saw very little of her. I guess that's what happens when your children are grown and have sig others. There were some deeply hurt feelings (all mine) because instead of staying with us, they stayed in Philly. Because, it turned out, she didn't want to bother us, or have her SO get in "our way". (giant air quotes) My response was that we were willing to have him there because we loved her, and if he "got in my way" there was a room upstairs with a door on it, and he could take his ass "Up there" and "shut the motherfuckin' door behind him." which I said with love. He's a very nice guy, really, and no trouble at all. We fixed that ridikilisness and all is good now. But my friends, it was a draining, anxiety-ridden couple of days for me, and I felt like I took some huge steps backwards, me-wise. Still, saw my baby, had some good days, and now I'm gonna sleep the sleep of the just.
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