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BD month!

So, self-recs, how about them? :D

I'm reccing a story of mine that's not that well written, but it was *full* of enthusiasm. It's not that I've gotten so much better, it's that I realize now that a beta is a very good thing, plus I'm way less full of the belief that my prose is scintillating and needs little improvement. Still, it's one of my fav stories, and I'm going to tell you all about it!

Maropisa. I've talked about this story a lot because I really loved it—still love it. I started this story thinking, "Roxy, how can you fuck up Clark's life like, really, really bad?" Well, I fucked it up really, really bad. A lot of my Smallville stories involved ways to make Clark human—it's really hard to come up with an AU storyline for an invincible alien. (when I started writing Spn, I was so relieved! 'This is a snap!' I thought, and then promptly went out of my way to complicate things. ;D ) I did come up with a way to stopper Clark's powers, and away we went.

This story had everything: young tragic love, runaway teens, cross-dressing, prostitution, incest-vibe siblings, monsters, mutants, murders...*happy sigh* It was a ton of fun to write, I made myself cry in a few spots, freaked out the relatively innocent roxy of those days, but most importantly, I wrote myself into the story. YES!

Yes. Not only do I open the story, but I save the hero—twice. TWICE! I bet no one else here has done that. D :D :D

It felt good, too. I was all, why the hell not?

I think in those days, OCs were supposed to be bad because they ran the danger of being Mary-Sues, so I figured what the hell—screw Mary-Sue. I'm about to roxy-Sue the hell out of this. And I did.

Looking the story up on AO3, I found it's the longest story I've ever written, at 152,292 words. It has the second highest hits of all my Smallville stories, it has the second highest amounts of kudos…and I'm not really sure *why*, lol! Could be my tags—drug use, sibling incest, abuse—could be my quoting Maya Angelou as my story summary—

So, anyhoo, prostitute Clark, really cute dog, and *ME!* What else could a story need? Man, too bad you guys don't read Smallville, because that thing is one long pot-boiler of angst! :D I don't think anyone writes Clex like this anymore! All that whump and torture, and Lex to the rescue at the end. *siiiiiiiiiiigh…yaaaaaas*

Happy birthday month post, all good, no whining, yay!! ;D

Here's some of the art that this story inspired, from danceswithgary, lapetite_kiki and digitalwave.

no title

The most beautiful Clark and Whit in the world

Mariposa cover
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