roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


Just posting to make some noise. I was over at facebook today and spoke my real mind--I'm hoping never to have to hear from some folks again. This election's really pointing up those folks who don't think they're racists, but--spoiler-alert--

So, funny bit here, and a lesson (again) in why betas are important. I was rereading some bits of This Small Dark Place when I read this, and my eyes just about fell out of my head. I was all "OH NO!" and then laughing at myself, because, really? I'm terrible at grammar, but I like to think I put words together better than *THIS*!

She took a slim book from her bag and was soon lost in its pages, while masterMaid oversaw the footman loading Mistress' bags into the luggage pod, and then climbing in as well.

That was a large-ass luggage pod... :D :D :D Now I'm afraid to read the rest!
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