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pics of my trip part one




Just a few pictures from Watkins Glen State Park, where we did a short--very short--hike, up a bazillion set of stairs. The waterfall fell over the path through the gorge, very cool. Apparently there were others and some kind of bridge, but no way was I dragging my ass up another bekillion set of stairs to see them. I enjoy nature, admire it's beauty, but unless a bunch of very attractive young men were going to carry me and my sedan chair up and down those stairs, well...def not happening. I am not a nature person in an athletic sense, not in the least bit! Hiking, biking, canoeing, none of this excites me. I am content to observe nature from my couch. I mean I certainly was impressed, and it was beautiful, but you'd have to ask Mr. R if you want the info and history surrounding the park. :)

I'm going to answer your lovely replies to my first post soon as I stop feeling like road kill. Y'all are too kind! ♥
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