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Heed the icon....

So, it's been a while since I actually *posted* posted.

I've been reading plenty and trying to leave comments. I've posted a huge piece of Public Enemies which was soundly ignored. Ah, Fandom--you no-taste having, won't read anything requiring you to spend more than five minutes of your lives trying to put words together, panties-obsessed, don't wanna read het but want all your men to be underage boys wearing women's lingerie and lip-gloss....

*takes a deep breath* No, no, Roxy. Let it go--woosah, Om, muhfuckin' know you like a well-written panties story, yourself. God knows, the good ones are few and far between.

Anyhoo, bitter that my toiling in the fandom vineyards rated a thimbleful of wine, I'm done. *throws little words to the winds* Fly little ones, find a good home. And if you can shit in the keyboards of those less deserving, that'd be nice.

Whut? I have feelings, yo.

Another reason I haven't been very active is that I have no alone time in which to be active. I can, and do write, when Mr. R is hanging about. For really getting into it, I have to be alone. Which usually meant staying up late nights and writing, or waiting for a day off and writing. Lately, though, I have had no days off during the week, which is prime time for me. When I do have a Saturday or Sunday off, there are people who want to see me. Masochists, every one of them. *shakes head*

spock smash no animiOh, and *another* reason is this piece of shit, crappy-ass fucking laptop which has finally shredded my last nerve. I can't anymore, so I'm in the market for something new. Fortunately, I don't require much because I can't afford much. I was thinking of an Acer Switch, something BG likes. She's as computer-savvy as I am, and uses it for just about as much as I do—though her pics feature much less unclothed men than mine do— and it's *cheap*. This is very important.

Mr. R has tuned out my high-pitched wines of distress and demands for help, (can't imagine why) leaving me on my own with this thing. So, any suggestions, my friends?

On the up side, I've discovered goat gouda cheese—omg, so delicious—and *podfic!*

Hush! I know the rest of the world found it ten years ago, but it's brand-new to me. Old folks like to take things slowly; poking stuff with their canes to make certain whatever it is won't explode. Plus there was this weird thing I had…I had to overcome my embarrassment at hearing folks read fanfic out loud.

This podfic stuff is...well, it's quite entertaining on several levels. There's the story of course, and the weirdness of having someone else tell you how the sound and feel of a story should go. It's also...soothing, in an odd way. Someone is telling you stories about characters you feel like you know, so it's extra-fascinating. And then there's the sex, of course--kind of embarrassing to hear out loud. I'm shy that way. Anyway, I'm enjoying that very much, and it helps, after a long day at Red Bulls eye Satan, to listen to the adorable adventures of two bozos in love, because those are my style of stories, and that is how I roll. (ha, see what I did…never mind)

Normally, I'd delete a post as stuffed full of whining about my writing as this one is, but there you have it, the state of me. Tired, achy, bitter, but also fannish in a new-to-me way...and full of delicious cheese.
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