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I liked it very much, an old-fashioned SpN style ep, with surprise Aron Bass appearance. Nice!

I loved the bit of physical comedy Jensen did--he's so good with that! He really has wonderful timing and understanding of what makes a moment funny. While Dean trying to climb over that fence last week made me angry, this didn't. Dean always, *always* touches stuff he knows he shouldn't--he just can't help himself. To me, that bit was in character for him. The fence climb...well, Dean's just not that badly out of condition, as that fantastic fight scene this week showed us. OOCness for the sake of funny is something we story tellers fall prey to, shouldn't happen with an experienced, paycheck-getting writer. Can't complain too much, though. We got the kind of brother moments that had become way too rare lately--that grenade launcher bit was priceless, and *so* much of that was told just with facial expressions--well done, boys!

Hitler resurrected was a scary-ass bastard. So clownish at first that even his minions were creeped out, but maybe having been stuck in a watch for a few dozen years does a number on you...I laughed, but I got it. Of course I got it, we're living it right now, aren't we? Dean's homicidal glee at shooting Hitler was just adorable in a scary kind of way. Eyebrows raised to hairline levels there, but I'm allowing it. ;)

Is Sam going to continue to be the Heart of the Show? Because I'd like to have that in writing please. Since S4, I've had a harder time seeing him as that. Granted he had reasons to manipulate and lie, granted he's been more than absolved, but...Show just spent so much time showing us that Sam isn't quite the person he thought he was, so...I'm just wondering what the deal is, what this means.

Qibbles aside, Ellie and Sam had great chemistry, and she was very likable. I thought I saw some interest on his part. Of course, I'd still go off like a howler monkey if either one of them rode off into the sunset with anyone not each other--ha! I'd do the same if they went on a *date*, let alone made a life choice that didn't include matching rockers on the same porch.

Okay, rambling towards an end--I liked this ep very much, I thought everyone did a great job. They looked sensational and seemed to enjoy themselves, Jensen included. They had excellent bromoments, relaxed and natural feeling. Good wrap-up. Just enough Mary that we know she's not forgotten, but she's not dragging them down. Of course, I'll have to rewatch for everything I missed (damn you ackles) but I don't think my feelings about the ep will change. :)
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