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I posted some Christmas cards! Amazing for me, no? A triumph, even, in a modest way...and goodness knows Yer Mother sets the bar high for modesty. *preens quietly in a humble way*'s the thing. I didn't make a list or check it twice or mark out the names of folks I sent cards to. *koff* If any of you get two cards from me this year, just pretend you only got one, okay?

Dear Diary,
Red Bullseye Satan continues to work me like they got me third-hand markdown off the block. I'm beginning to get suspicious...all the old folks are working terrible hours. Retirement plan? Hmmmm....
Should I dye my eyebrows? Cover up the white hairs growing in them. I used to pluck them until I started to look more and more surprised.
I made lemon bars from scratch today, and then made myself sick eating all the ugly ones. Why must I be so critical?

About Show yesterday. It was serviceable. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I would have loved it so much more if I hadn't read (Don't) Save Me by toratio . That was the way I wanted the story to go. Now, Show, is the time to completely kill Lucifer. He's a dead-end character now. He's not needed. Show can roll on without him--he doesn't rule Hell, God is on vacation, the apocalypse is on permanent hold, so far as we know. If they possess Sam again in a bid to extend Lucifer's story, I will be besides myself with rage.

Now I'm exhausted from typing this over and over and over again.

Until next time,
roxy ♥
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