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A Year of the Rose: Good riddance, 2016!

It's been a year of…I'm not sure what to call it. I have my fingers crossed for the next year.

So, these wrap-ups have been going on for quite a few years. They were a lot more fannish once upon a time, full of what I wrote. That's been slowly, or not so slowly, becoming less and less as time goes by. But this coming year, I plan on trying to keep my writing hand in. I didn’t do much in 2016, but I liked what I did. I did an update on Public Enemies that I liked and was gung-ho to continue but life and the laptop conspired against me. I have no plans to give up on that story—Sam still has to become Capo de Capo, right? I managed a bit of This Small Dark Place, and finished a BB that I wasn't too sure about, but managed to finish, thanks to the generosity and helpfulness of friends. Ya'll are the best.
I cleaned up an old SV fic and posted it, and that was a lot of fun—it made me very nostalgic, but unfortunately didn’t rekindle my SV muse, except I really would like to write some Hooker!Clark Kent some day.

Jan: Thank you!
Thank you, fireheart13 for the cute as heck snowglobe, and thank you, too, meus_venator, for the sexy jetpack! Westward ha, into the new year! ;D


Watching season 1 on TNT and am reminded why I gave it a pass the very, very first time around--Dean/Jensen kinda creeps me out. Those first few eps he was that kind of pretty that I just don't like. Towards the end of the season he got so much better. ;D

Man, Show got better fast, though, didn't it? When I watch those old eps I'm always impressed with how quickly the show found its footing.

And!!!! Season 10 is marathoning on Sunday! Which, correct me if I'm wrong--and horribly, I'm sure I'm not--is Super Bowl Sunday. This is a dilemma, as I'm being forced to hosting a SBP at the Rose manse. Would it be rude to fling food at my guests and then rewatch Show while they're cheering on I don't even know and could care less? My sole interest in football is stuff like the QB 'Verse. Y'all know my boysnsports kink. Weird, since I hate exercising *and* watching people do it. But I digress—

March: From everyone and their Granny.

So, this was very educational. I thought, what the hey, this looks like fun! A thousand hours of my life later, I learned that it was hard, so hard, and I'm OLD!! So old!! My songs are all from the distant past!! Points if you listen to any of them. ;D

Rock and Roll with Me David Bowie
Oh Boy Cam'ron
X gone give it ya DMX
You Are My StarshipNorman Conners
Money, Power, Respect the Lox, feat. Lil Kim, DMX
Imperial Rah Diggah
Scary Monsters & Super Creeps David Bowie
Sweet Thing David Bowie
Renee by lost boyz
Operator Manhattan Transfer
Satellite of Love Lou Reed
Encore Jay-Z

This is what we do instead of writing....

April: Dear Thomas,

Do you ever get tired of showing up in my SpN RPS? I guess you being in it makes it CW RPS, sort of...I can't help it. I love you, and whenever I can, I will shovel you and Michael any place you'll fit into a story. Thank you, the both of you, for being such hot little black dresses.

Tom welling BTQqu_5IAAAZT9j_zps928c2edb

So sexy! Though in the story, you probably look like this:


Love, Roxy ♥

Okay, I'm going to work on...THREEE stories!! Three! All at once!! Or else I'm gonna ignore all three at once and read some classic SpN from way back in the day. Or make coffee and watch TV. Orrrrrrr look around in the cabinets and stuff and see if I can find any forgotten Easter candy. Pluck my eyebrow...floss...sort my socks....

The world is my bivalve!

Was Jensen in Philly?????

June: Guess what, you guys?
It's vacation time--no, no, better than that--it's *staycation* time, time to wrap my BB in its little shawl and kick it out the door! And I'm gonna read. I'm gonna guzzle coffee. I might go to the mall and wolfwhistle baby boys--scar them for life. Heck yeah, I'm a giver. I'm going to the bakery and buying all the pastries. Gonna sit on the porch and eat them and write barista Jensen and lonely-boy Jared in my mind. Scare the neighbors. Annoy the dog. Oh my god, and do some drawing, hokey smokes, forgot all about that!

I'm feeling good! Kiss my hindparts, Red Bulls-eye Satan--I'm out of you for a whole week!

July: ACK!!
Celebrating the fourth today instead of tomorrow. Little does my family know, but tomorrow, I plan to spend the entire day reading SpN BB and meanttobe. God help anyone who tries to get in between me and my laptop. I'm also going to, sweartagod, finish my BB.

If I look exceptionally spiffy with lovely and plentiful icons, it's all due to iibnf. For the next twelve months, I will be ad-free, gorgeous, and just slightly saucy. *winks and shimmies*

I haven't wished folks a happy birthday in a while. not because I'm ignoring ya'll, or don't care, it's because it's depressing me. Every day, there's an announcement in my inbox of the birthday of another friend who's wandered away from LJ, never to return. Some of these make me slightly nostalgic and some of these break my fucking heart. So, going forward, like, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I'm going to start acknowledging ya'll's birthdays again. Because I love you, and I want you to know I think of you often. But not tonight.

So, totes off topic, has anyone done a J2 version of Big Hero 6? Also, after I wiped my copious tears away at the end of The Good Dinosaur, I thought, "Gosh, that would make a heck of a J2."

Man, what the hell is it with me and constantly wanting to debase childhood memories? Brave Little toaster, anyone? ;D

So, a couple of days ago, I said, "omgosh, it's almost clarkscherry's birthday! Let me not forget to wish her a happy birthday." A few days later I said to myself, "Hokey smokes, it's clarkscherry's birthday today. Let me post to wish her a happy. But first, let me get this annoying animal a treat. And then I guess I'll give the dog a carrot, too..."

So, here I am, several days late, but hoping you get this belated birthday wish from me! XXOO, and a happy birthday clarkscherry! From me! ♥

September: *happy smiles*

I wish that when people leave you kudos at AO3, there was an option that you could send them a kudo for giving you kudos...or something way less complicated than that. :D

I got a comment today on an old SV story that made my eyes get all round and wide--hard to do because I'm a naturally squinty-eyed kind of person, so you can just imagine. It was a good comment, in fact, a great one, but it made me realize just how damn freaky the story was, lol! And now I know where the scene came from that's been floating in my head. I've been haunted by a scene from one of my own fics, and couldn't for the life of me remember which one! Is that a sign of creeping age, or does that happen to other people too? And if it doesn't just lie and nod.

My flu-shot arm hurts a little. Is that normal? I still feel salty from the ocean. Do you think that's all in my mind? So, what really happens if you fill your mouth with PopRocks and drink coke? Do you think folk faking sex for the movies sometimes actually have sex? I think they'd have to concentrate really hard on blocking stuff out--filming looks like a weird business to me. Plus, why are people not in porn vids are always so *quiet* when they're having sex?? All that discreet little gasping and moaning. Tchah! I like the neighborhood to know that Mr. R's got an excellent handle on the job.

This post is what is what life is like for Mr R. He gets these kind of questions every day, once or twice at least, for--gee, thirty-seven years. Plus he gets me staring intently into his eyes while he tries to figure out how to answer me. Sometimes--not very often because he's made of very strong stuff--he breaks and just starts laughing. I count those rare times as a major win.

This rambling, hard-to-understand-in-spots post is brought to you by insomnia. You're welcome!! :D


October: Hi my friends!

I was gone! Did you notice??

You didn't notice. :(

We did a belated anniversary trip to the Finger Lakes. It was pretty awesome, just gorgeous views everywhere. I even went on a hike! A very, very, short hike - no more than an hour - but again, amazing views and more importantly, I survived.

I'll try and post pictures. You'll recognize me instantly, I'm the one who looks like a garden dwarf.

November: 12X4
Hokey smokes--this one actually almost scared me! It was creepy as hell, had me making the ew face at parts, and even yelling at the screen! Sam continues to be kinda amazing, his hair continues to also be amazing, and Dean looks good in sweater. Dear Show, four eps in--can Dean do something, please? Maybe I'm looking at it too hard through my Dean-Girl glasses, but I'd like to see my sweetie-patootie Dean be more, I don't know, heroic? Take charge? A little smarter?

December: Yay!/Boo…?
I posted some Christmas cards! Amazing for me, no? A triumph, even, in a modest way...and goodness knows Yer Mother sets the bar high for modesty. *preens quietly in a humble way*'s the thing. I didn't make a list or check it twice or mark out the names of folks I sent cards to. *koff* If any of you get two cards from me this year, just pretend you only got one, okay?

Dear Diary,
Red Bullseye Satan continues to work me like they got me third-hand markdown off the block. I'm beginning to get suspicious...all the old folks are working terrible hours. Retirement plan? Hmmmm....
Should I dye my eyebrows? Cover up the white hairs growing in them. I used to pluck them until I started to look more and more surprised.
I made lemon bars from scratch today, and then made myself sick eating all the ugly ones. Why must I be so critical?

About Show yesterday. It was serviceable. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I would have loved it so much more if I hadn't read (Don't) Save Me by toratio . That was the way I wanted the story to go. Now, Show, is the time to completely kill Lucifer. He's a dead-end character now. He's not needed. Show can roll on without him--he doesn't rule Hell, God is on vacation, the apocalypse is on permanent hold, so far as we know. If they possess Sam again in a bid to extend Lucifer's story, I will be besides myself with rage.

Now I'm exhausted from typing this over and over and over again.

Until next time,
roxy ♥
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