roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


You get 4 and 5 today because I fell asleep yesterday. My life.

4. I'll say LJ name. Roxymissrose is Miss Roxy Rose, my drag queen name friends from a thousand years ago gave me, and it stuck. So if you meet me, don't call me Susan, call me Roxy 'cause that's my name. :D

5. My bed. My bath. My bed. My coffeepot. (it's a place of its own, hush.) My bed. I'm not an adventurer. I'm a terrible traveler. I'm about thiiiis close<-------------->to being an agoraphobe. Wait, no, I'm not afraid of being outside, I'm irritated by it.
Tags: 30 day meme, in lieu of content, ramblin' rose
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