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30 day meme

I knew this was gonna happen. Doubling up again, ya'll.


6.I don't have a specific band or musician at this time. When I was a kid, music was more important to me than it is now. I like a musical backdrop for writing to, and make playlists for specific stories to get me in the mood, but other than that. *shrug. If forced to choose, I'd say the Beatles, because they were my first fan experience, Bowie, because he changed my life, Lou Reed because he made me think about things I didn't know about myself, Big Pun, because greatest rapper ever was, George Clinton—again, a life changer.

For grins:Hey Jude, because it's a Winchester lullaby

Here's Bowie, because fight the fairies:

Here's Lou Reed--that fucking scene was perfect:

Big Pun's got nothing to do with SpN. I just like him.

Parliament, because one day my brother kicked open my bedroom door, said, "I'm tired of you listening to that whiteboy shit all day long. Listen to this." Mind blown, brain opened.

if you listened even to a tiny bit of that, you have to know that George Clinton was mind-boggling. He was wildly original for the day, nobody had ever done what he did. He did something a lot of R&B groups couldn't do--he evolved with music. Anyhoo, all these types of music helped make me who I am. And we didn't even talk about the Big Band stuff!!

7. I'm not gonna lie, since fanfic, I don't read books anymore. Sad, but true. I'm spoiled by getting exactly what I want how I want it. My favorite books were science-fiction of all kinds, horror Steven King-style, fantasy Neil Gaiman-style, and humorous fantasy Terry Pratchett-style. And while I read tons of J2 romance, I never bought or was ever interested in romance books in RL. Weird. 'Course, when I was growing up, romance books didn't feature wildly attractive guys screwing, so....

8. Like, different people I know, or random strangers? If it's random strangers, than "PUT A LEASH ON YOUR FUCKIN' KID!" also, "Fucking pick a lane and stick to it!" and "If you'd just give not being a rude asshole a shot, you'd be amazed how much nicer your world would be. God knows mine would."

If it's different people I *know*, then:
Person 1. Die in a fire, you fucking piece of abusive, sadistic, CRAP.
Person 2. You are the most 'bless your little heart' person I know, you two-faced bitch.
Person 3. My heart breaks for you, because I know how hard you try and no seems to get it--or care.
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