roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

30 day meme!



12. desktop scrnshot: Nothing much to say about it, I change it every time I get bored. It's a pretty picture, isn't it? I *loved* that shoot.

13. My three confessions are kind of boring too, but on two of them, I reached down inside myself for some truth I'm sharing with you. Only you guys:

There's a writer everyone seems to love and I just Don't. Get. It. They irritate the hell out of me. And no, it definitely is not someone I know.

I think I'm pretty damn good-writing wise. I wish more people would see that.

I'm sorry I wasted my talent for art. But don't tell anyone I said so.

I'm less embarrassed when I put it in italics. I don't get it either. *shrug* :)
Tags: 30 day meme, in lieu of content, ramblin' rose
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