roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

SpN: 12X17

I'm ignoring the Crowley/Lucifer bits because I personally felt they were so stupid it hurt. What the fuck? Why are they totally deconstructing Crowley?

I liked everything else. I know! But I really liked the BMOL backstory, the graphic proof that they are dicks and the reminder that Ketch is barely human, no matter what it might have looked like with Mary. I'm not sure what the hell that woman's problem is, but I think she's got a huge one. She's beginning to make Sir look like Uncle Phil. I'm sorry for Mick, I was legit shocked when Ketch blew his brains out. And that evil-ass headmistress bitch is a good villain. Hated her the minute we saw her in her purple suit.

Sam and Eileen are a watchable couple, very sweet. It looks to me like it's mostly a big brother vibe with growing interest on his part, and more than that for her. I'm okay with that, except I'm not willing to have a lot more than that right now. Her going of to Ireland all of a sudden worries me, too. She's good, simpatico, and a good actress as well--we don't often get that in one package on SpN.

I loved that last bit, with Dean and the Colt. He makes restrained violence look so good. ;D
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