roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Goodness!! My Show!

I spent most of Thursday being all worried about the finale. Weird because I didn't really get that I was that worried about it until Show started! :D

It was--crazy, sad, scary, exciting--all the things a finale should be and then! They put out a creepy-ass, scary, what-the-FUCK ending! And I mean wtf in a good way. They swept the board, not that I expect anything to stick, but hokey smokes!!! HOKEY SMOKES!!

Then there was the crying! Such crying I did! And the surprise guest that knocked me off my feet, 'cause I don't look at credits. Did they credit Jim Beaver? Ach, I hope that most folks liked this ep because I was so satisfied myself.

It's been a rough season for me once again, because I liked almost all of this season, and looking around different places, it seems most people didn't. It's hard as hell to be a fan like me. I either feel stupid because I'm the only one who likes an ep, or bitter because I think folks are unnecessarily hating. Now, we have a whole summer and change to think about this season and what it means, and plenty of time to write fix-its for what needs fixing--there are always a few things that do, of course. Opportunities missed and what-not. Let's be careful out there, enjoy the summer and hopefully see y'all back at the next season! ♥</lj>
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