roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

And another thing--

Have you noticed lately that people are starting to spell Cas as Cass? Why is that? I hate that. I don't care if the show writers spell it that way--it's Cas. Stop doing that. All those horrible comments to SpN articles are full of Cass people nowadays. It makes me cranky and evil. Even watching Show with CC on makes me cranky, because every time I see 'Cass' on the screen, it makes me miss the next line of dialogue.

Not to mention what a pain in the ass CC is because I end up reading instead of listening and sometimes watching. One day, Dean is going to lay the all time smacker of smackeroos on Sam, and I'm going to miss it because I'll be reading the damn caption..."Eff all this, Sam and eff our lives and everyone else. I'm 'bout to bone you like no one's ever boned you before and after that, we'll have waffles." and I'll be sitting in my living room going "what--hunh--what--bone what??? Waffles?"
Tags: in lieu of content, is bored, ramblin' rose
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