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roxy: Gosh, I don't know...I've been in this fandom so long...maybe it's time for my bootheels to be a-wanderin'. Maybe it's not as shiny for me anymore. I think it's about time to HOLY SHIT! I NEED THAT FUCKING DEAN AND BABY MINI!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I GET THAT? AND WHERE THE FUCK IS SAMIFER? WHY WON'T THeY DO THAT???

Omg, if only I had room for that other CardboardDean. And if I did, I certainly wouldn't try to arrange them in naughty configurations. I'm way too old for that kind of shenanigans, tchah!

Hokey smokes, are TPTB hinting that Sheriff Jody's School for Wayward Girls will be an actual thing? YES!!!!

*smacks self in face with ipad falling asleep reading wincest and j2*

God, I've seen this ep about 15 times, I just can't watch it agai--hey, I didn't notice that look the last time I watched it--

*twists tinfoil into a dashing homburg. 'Yeeessssss, I see it....

Mr R: "So...this is what you do all day? Watch Supernatural?"
Me: "Well...not all day."

eta:oh damn! it really is happening!
Tags: doofery, ramblin' rose, spn
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