roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


Thank you a million times to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I'm *mumbultymumble* years old. And Cardboard Dea turned three today. Don't worry, I passed birthday wishes on to him as well. He was touched. I think he might have shed one perfect paper tear....

Thanks so much for the messages, supernutjapan, (hey, thanks for the beautiful pix!) locknkey, milly_gal, amypond45, galwithglasses, fanspired, and meus_venator!

Thanks also for LJ wishes from sillie82, ginger, fufaraw, who also posted a pic of what's probably the most perfect t-rex cakes ever, etrix, stir_of_echoes,phoenixnz, bubblesbrnaid and bradygirl_12, who wished me a super(natural) birthday, lol!

Aaaaaaand, a virtual gift from tasabian, and from rednihilist, thank you for your heart, darling one! ♥

jj1564, thanks for that most incredible SV/SpN treat! So good, we did it twice! :D ♥

Ya'll are truly the best! You made me feel like a million bucks! , if I did, I'm so sorry! Hugs'n' kisses to everyone!

let me love you tumblr_mdu7gn052q1r98m7m
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