roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


Did a little light house-keeping, flist pruning. All those LJs with the lines through them. There were so many it was really sad. Plus lots and lots and lots of folks who haven't posted since the year one. I remove so few of them, kind of hoping they'll come back one day. I know, I know! Hope springs eternal! (and on the absolutely, incredibly unlikely event that I defreinded and you think it's an accident, it is! Let me know.) It's downright depressing how many journals I'm friends with that are dead. Every time those birthday reminders come up, it's just another stab in my fannish heart. Folks. Moving on.

And speaking of moving on, just where are folks going these days? What are people writing about? I'm curious, because they're not really writing that much SpN or CWRPF anymore. I hope I'm just being a big ole depressing wet blanket and things pick up again when the new season starts. Oh well. I'm still all Wincest, all the time, except for a side of Sastiel, because Sam/Cas just is so much more interesting to me than Dean/Cas. Those two are kind of made for each other, to me. But once again, I wander from my main point!


This is always the point! :D
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