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What the hell...I'm a Dean-leaning fan but I swear to god, all I wanted to do tonight was to punch Dean right in his face. I don't like feeling like that, I really don't. But he was insufferable and a dick! I'll rewatch with less rage and probably feel better, but he was so unlikable most of tonight that it bordered on character assassination. I actually liked most of the ep, as long as it wasn't a scene with Dean. Sam was *amazing*, and I really like this Jack kid--I hope they don't fuck him up.

I'm thrilled with Donatello, and I have my fingers crossed that they're not just going to use him up and spit him out. He has the potential to be *very* interesting.

Lucifer was horrible, kind of charming even though he was a horrible dick--I think Mark P knocked it out of the park tonight. And Michael...hey Sex. Um-um-um. Nice. ;D

I can't wait until everyone sees this ep, I want to know how wrong my reaction was, lol!!
Tags: spn
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