roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

oh, dear my friends

So, I had this dream about Jensen Ackles. He looked damn good, too. Just like he looked in last night's ep.

He distracted me too much. I just kept looking at him, thinking, "How? How so hot, dude?"

Anyhoo, he was sitting in my wreck of a garden (oy, such pain, such ugliness, it hurts me, Fam, it does) with his wife and kid I assumed, though they were just two random dream people. Weird. Jensen and OC-Wife were sitting on a wooden 2-seater glide that I do not possess in real life--thank goodness, because it was rickety and peeling, and made a noise like a wounded mummy as he rocked. Then OC-Wife got up to find OC-kid, and left me and Jensen alone on the bench, where we proceeded to have the kind of nice but boring conversation that you have with a neighbor you occasionally meet on the street. And I confessed my embarrassment about my crummy glider and he told me he could fix it up for me, and then I woke up for a second and went back to dreaming about something else--I think I was a spy...or maybe a thief, not sure.

What was really weird was that every dream I had that night was bright and sunny. Even inside the house that I either lived in or was hiding in, it was bright. So strange! Usually my dreams are dark and dreary and dirty. Ugh. Everything's all dark and greasy and ugly. It was really nice to have a bright though boring dream, especially about Mr. You're making my eyes burn with your hotness Ackles. :D

Damn, though...even in my dreams I'm an old lady. Ten years ago, I'd have given OC-Wife and kid a couple of twenties and told them to go pick me up a pack of smokes, I'd be needing them for after. Now, stressing about rickety garden furniture. Ah, Life.
Tags: dear my friends, ramblin' rose, shutupomg
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