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This show. It's wearing me out. By the end of the ep, I'm an emotional mess, a pile of tangled feelings. I'm not sure if we're moving forward or circling. I'm not happy about the Cas intro. I'm afraid we're going to have another NotReally!Cas guy. I think we've had enough of fake Cas'. I hope I'm wrong. That was an incredibly cool effect, though, that Celestial Being coming up out of the Nothing stuff. I was all agog. Nice work!

I'm not going to say much about the ep except kudos to Sam for getting his shit out. And still being able to work the case. Good on you, Sam. I like that we seem to be getting shifters who aren't murderous nut jobs, that Jack had a moment with his mom. And now I'm worried he's going to go bad because Dean lightened up a fraction towards him. Dean's usually never wrong about monsters or assholes.

He *finally* said what most of us have been thinking, about not leaving himself open to pain by having hope. that and *hopeless* the same thing? Anyhoo, that he depended on Sam to carry the faith for both of them really struck a chord with me. I have people in my life for that, too. Got you, baby.

I will definitely have to rewatch, BG made a surprise visit halfway through the show so I missed bits. All in all, I'm afraid of where we could go. I guess I did want My Two silly, I know!
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