roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

My friends....

I'm signing off for a bit--probably not too long. I'll answer all comments, and comment on your posts when I get back. Nothing bad is going on at all! I'm just concentrating on other stuff for a wee bit, baby showers and stories and shizz. Oy, I'll be so glad when that shower thing is over. I can't stop trying to take over! Everyone wants to help, but my fucked up brain won't let them! I don't even want to do it and I can't stop trying to do it all.

I'm sorry! I don't mean to whine but where else can I?

See ya'll soon! Oh, you know I'll be back to talk about Show, though. I love my show! I love how Sam is dragging Dean towards some semblance of emotional health! Yay, Sam! Keep working on it, don't give up!
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