roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Yo, this was *weird*!

When I was a wee roxy, my dad had an Impala, a '66, that he'd had painted gold with a textured black roof that looked like leather. It was pretty cool. It went from a boring blue Dad's car to a car that looked like it cost way more than it actually did.

The weird thing was, the other day, a car drove down my street that was that exact model and it was gold with a black roof. This roof was a fake leather ragtop, but other than that, the car was just like my dad's. If we weren't moving in the opposite direction, I would have stopped them and checked it out. How weird--I've never seen that year Impala outside of a car show. It was neat. :)

Anyhoo, long time friends of Big Echoey Space know that back in the day, I thought it was hysterical that everyone was all gone over Baby. She was just a dad's car to me and most of my peers back then in my pre-teen years. I guess our dads' were undercover cool car guys? Anyhoo, I went looking for that particular make and found price lists for 1967 Impalas in Baby's shape. Wow...the cheapest price was in the low twenty-thousands. So, like, if the boys really needed to, they could sell the car and make some good change....

*ducks and hides*

Why yes, I am trying to write. :D
Tags: ramblin' rose, shutupomg, the random life
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