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Why yes, I am a babblelonian.

Think we're going to get a full season 14? I think that 300 eps are only halfway through a 14th season. I'd do the math but I don't want to. I'm not sure what's going on with this feels kind of endsville, but on the other hand, there's all this stuff going on that I assume is going to tie into the spinoff. Casting this season is...interesting. People I want to see haven't shown up and people I'm not all that invested in have. Personal opinion, of course--I'm always surprised at how out of step I am with the rest of fandom. :)

Last night's ep was pretty good, I thought. That particular writer whose name I'll eventually look up with the intention of editing this post to insert (but won't because of lazy) is good with me. She seems to like the boys--at least gets that they're more than hunting partners and unhealthily co-dependent, they actually *like* each other. The mild flirtation with Smash(...? is that right?) was cute. Kind of sweet and non-skeevey to me. It was nice to see Dean so pleased over such a small thing as the nostalgic energy drink. (who hasn't been there, right?). I think the boys worked together well, and I was sad that they killed all the demons right away. I wouldn't have minded another case like this with those guys further down the line. Those types of stories are fun to me, but I almost always like the filler eps.

Does my weird look big to you? :D :D :D
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