roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Hello my friends! I miss you!

I've been somewhat quiet because when I have the time, I'm working on my BB. Things are chugging right along. or where, until last night, that is, when I decided that I had to rewrite major parts of it. Don't be mad, firesign10! I know, I know--but suddenly Sam started talking to me, pointing out things I missed, and one of the other characters said, "Hey! How 'bout this?" and I was all, "Oh yah, okay, sounds good to me." And here we are. 25000 words in and they stage a coup.

smokin' bette.jpg

*Me, contemplating my characters and whether I should slap the hell out of them*
Yeah, I still smoke in my fantasies. :D
Tags: dear my friends, spn, spnbb2018, writing n stuff
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