roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


I was gone and now I'm back! Went to the shore for Easter, and had a great time! I was going to post a pic of me on the beach, but I look a little like that Pacific Life logo, so, no.

Read through my story again and realized that I'd written two entirely different Deans. Two Entirely Different Deans!!! This means a major overhaul AGAIN.

Why this fic hate me so? I love it like it's my own and yet, this is the thanks I get? "Ha, bitch! The characterization in this thing is all over the map--how you like me now, ah?"

Not much, you bucket of too many man-tears.

Back to work! Love you guys!
Tags: a little whine anyone, rl, spnbb2018, writing n stuff
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