roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Dear My Friends,

I've been sort of in and out around these parts--I've had a lot going on in RL lately, good and bad. I've been reading but not commenting much, sorry y'all. I'm struggling not to spend my entire days sad-sleeping, and some day soon I will explain why. It's really silly and the kind of thing that would make most folks roll their eyes and mutter, "get over yourself." But to me, it's a biggie.

Good news--I think I'm going to make my BB deadline if I start writing RIGHT NOW. And this grandma thing is really not as horrible as I imagined it would be, especially if you don't change diapers or give bottles. Also, BG is a way better mom than I ever was. Sadly, the situation is not without drama, so I have my fingers crossed she rises above the crap. My best friend of 40 years spent the month with us so I did stuff, and that was fun. She also kept me from totally throwing a shoe these last couple of weeks. I'll post a pic of us if I can find one that makes me look lissome and youthful. ;D

Tags: rl
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