roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Yo, Show, wtf?

I've only seen this ep once, and y'all know I tend to miss important bits of the plot because drooling, but I just want to know-- what the fuck is wrong with Sam? I don't get this caring and sharing he's got going on with Gabriel. Not saying I don't like Gabe, not saying that in his own twisted sort of way, he likes the Winchesters, some version of like anyway, but Sam has no fucking reason to be so nice to him. It's really making me mad.

Is this some sort of harking back to first season Sam? If it is, they need to stop. Sam's over thirty now, has had the world and heaven shit all over him. He's got to be more cynical than that. Trying to bring back those characters from way back then does these boys a disservice. They can't be those guys anymore. Age and terrible experience has sunk that ship. I hope I'm just seeing it wrong. I do that a lot. I will be very happy if someone can explain to me why I'm completely wrong here.

Also, I'd like to know how the children do all their work on phones and tablets, because this shit with the pretend keys is about to make me go off!!

ETA: you guys are freaking amazing and I love y'all to bits!!!
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