roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

ramblin' rose

I was just going through my ideas folder, and there's all these little bits of story that I'll never write because the time has passed. Angel/SpN crossovers, SV/SpN crossovers, story ideas that have been jossed to hell and back, characters no one cares about anymore, characters from fandoms so out of circulation they'd all read as original characters...I'm so old! I've been doing this so long! Plus I'm such a mono-fandom person it's kind of boring.

I want to write! I'm all antsy with the need to! I'm upset because I lost my notes for the next installment of This Small Dark Place. *nudgenudge* I know it's been a few years - two years!!- but I can't believe I've misplaced them. I've looked through everything, hence this finding old fic stuff.

What's up with you guys? I've been a crappy LJ friend lately, but truthfully, this old world is getting me down.
Tags: ramblin' rose
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