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Thank you!

So, I had an amazing birthday my friends. It wasn't a surprise, in fact, in a moment of something—annoyance, desire to please the fam—I told them I wanted a party. I really didn’t, but I thought saying I did would make them happy, and it seemed to. Imagine my total surprise when it turned out to be the most fun day I've had in a long, long time.

I loved it, and got great stuff, and laughed a lot and had just an amazing day. Mr. R hired a caterer; they came to the house and made paella—like a gigantic outdoor pan of paella that was the best I've tasted! We had that, and scallops and risotto for the folks who couldn’t do shrimp, and veggie burgers for the folks who were vegan. We had the most delicious birthday cake ever, and I had some, even though I'm still kind of paying for it! I’ve been eating waaaaay too much because we had so many leftovers!

I’ll post pics later but right now I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to wish me BD wishes and make me feel loved! I swear between y’all and RL, I felt like a queen! ♥

Thanks to everyone who gave me messages: lapetite_kiki, chellexxx, madebyme_x, carolandtom, zara_zee, marciaelena, milly_gal, phoenixnz, gingersnap1224, fanspired, daisydumont, stir_of_echoes, and supernutjapan!

Thank you for your LJ greeting, tasabian, davesmusictank, bradygirl_12, julchen11, bubblesbrnaid, and amberdreams!

Thank you for your gifts and picspams, lovely ladies! Thank you for the cutest and cheekiest T-Rex in all the land, fufaraw, beautiful Jensen,jj1564, yummy candy, thank you impala_chick, and that heart, you know I need it--;D rednihilist! And of course, a delicious drink, and a super cool new userhead, meus_venator!

If I've missed anyone, deepest apologies! This was just--wow! The best damn birthday, thanks to all of you!
Tags: birthday!, dear my friends
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