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So, yesterday, we ate the last of the delicious birthday paella! The Fam thought that this would be a good thing to have for my birthday, back in August. Read: we really want this shit, let's use mom's birthday as an excuse to have it!

Also, around that time, I promised I would post pics of my BD--like y'all really were champing at the bit to see them. Well, if you're anywhere near as nosy as I am, you were. ;D

Here we go! This dude came to the house, set up his gear and cooked it right there on the back porch. Kudos to this guy, because it was drizzly and grey and unusually brisk for an August day. This stuff was so good, everyone did their best to eat it all! See how the mussels are carefully stacked to one side? I appreciated that because mussles are tiny bits of DEMON SPAWN. The dude was cute too. Thanks Fam! :D
Tags: birthday!, dear my friends, rl
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