roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

What I'm doing now.

Besides avoiding packing for *another* weekend trip. :(

I'm watching--whenever our trippy internet connection lets me--a bunch of shows that I gave a pass to on their first go-round, and finding them very enjoyable, where I didn't when they were fresh and new and just starting. Almost all of them are done as current TV, or in their last season. A couple of them ae going to wrap up their story-lines in a TV movie, so that's good. Satisfying. I hate when they pull the rug out from under you, series-wose, like Jonh Doe, the bastards, or ANGEL for fucking cryin' out loud, I still curse them for that.

Shows I'm watching now: Teen Wolf. Didn't like it the first time around, enjoying it now, thanks to write_light for pointing me there.

iZombie, which is actually kind of cute and funny.

Timeless. I like it much better now--when I first tried to watch, I guess I just wasn't open to the idea.

Shadow Hunters because fufaraw made it sound interesting.

I'm about to go back and finish watching Sense8, since they gave these guys closure. I liked it, but when it was cancelled, I walked.

Anything I should be watching? Besides endless reruns of SpN, just to see in which shows Sam looks like a bruiser and in which he looks like a waifish, little woobie? :D
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