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new episode...

I miiiiiiissed it!! D:

I had to help BG get herself and BB ready to fly out to visit the Niece. Of course, I am besides myself with anxiety about it, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't angst the hell out of every aspect of life. ;D

So, because I'm a good mom, I helped her pack and sort stuff out without even reminding her I was giving Dean and Sam a miss because that's how much I love her. No more than....oh, ten, twenty times? She had the gall to remind me that I was recording it, but *still*!!! I missed real-time viewing! This BB has no idea how much Oma loves him--passing up Winchester Night to pack his nappies.

I hope Show was good, and frankly, I hope it is making sense. I hope that they're not breaking it up into the story of every-damn-body in the world, because I really don't care that much about anyone but my boys--I'd be more than completely satisfied if they sent everyone but Sam and Dean to the seashore. I'm not sayin' I don't like anyone else--I do, in small doses. In small doses, new characters add a freshness to the show. But I'm an old school fan. I think the show is about two brothers, and sometimes I resent being asked to care about outsiders on the level I care about Sam and Dean. But that's just my opinion and not one that I need anyone else to share.

One thing I know without even having to see: Sam and Dean looked amazing, amirite? Love Sam's beard and Mr. HeadHunterInCharge attitude—so efficient, so hot. And far, he's hot as hell and my eyes are grateful as fuck. We'll see about the rest!
Tags: dear my friends, spn
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