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Don't you love it when you get to that point in your fic that requires a bit of research? Read: obsessively searching out photos and info and adding endless links to notes...meanwhile, fighting off other ideas. Because I'm not at that place anymore where I can write two or more fics at once. Damn it. ;D

Also, I think I'm killing the keyboard on my tiny laptop. It's probably happening because I hit my keys like I have a personal, raging hatred for them. My little fingertips get all bruised and achy at the end of the night.

One more thing before I go to bed: KitKats are the devil. I knew we wouldn't get any kids, but I made poor Mr. Roxy buy them anyway. He knew I was lying when I swore I was *absolutely* certain kids were coming this year, really, 'cause I got this feeling. Yeah, I got this feelin' I'll be rolling around in a pile of empty KitKat wrappers. Say, have I told you I'm lactose-intolerant? And KitKats be wrapped in milk-chocolate? Guess who's pretending they're not having an *a-hem* reaction to it? *beams* Lucky ya'll aren't here with me.

It was a good Halloween, even though we had no kiddies and I'm stuck with a crap-ton of deadly candies. I had the TNT on all day, and refused to change the channel, even with the earth-shattering groans of my beloved in the background. You'd think after 14 years, he'd be even tiny bit of a fan. :D

Okay--goodnight, my friends. I'm going straight to bed, too. Unless I get distracted by something before I shuffle off to sleepy-bye land. Like more Red Hood goodness.
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