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it was Marlene Deitrich-smoking-a-cigarette good to me. :D

YAAAAAASSSSSSSS, goddamn it, I finally finished that chapter! I can't really complain, I *loved* writing it--maybe a little too much because I kept picking and picking and being all, "Ooo--ooo--put this in! Ooo, and this, this is good! And what about this--" on and on, and then I end it on a cliffie--is that a spoiler? Well, there you go. Cliffhanger! Heck yeah!

Now I have to figure out tags and stuff. I'm thinking to put any changes in author's notes. I imagine this chapter is going to annoy folks. There's a lot going on, what with pretty graphic underage. Also, there's consent issues--but if you sign on for a slave fic, you sign on for that too, amirite?

Anyway, this chapter was so much fun to write. It felt like those good old days, when stuff just poured out the head and into the hands. :) I'm thankful for jj1564, who inspired me to let go. So, fair warning, coming chapters are going to get uuuuuugllllyyy….

At any rate, this because it's my go-to-gif for victory.

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Tags: spn: this small dark place, writing n stuff
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